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Introducing Chubby Gorilla: 2-in-1 Tamper Evident & Child Resistant Complete Containers O.Berk's Chubby Gorilla Aviator & Spiral Containers: Premium, Tamper-Evident & Child-Resistant Packaging. Elevate your brand with unmatched aesthetics, design, and customization options. MOQ as low as one pallet. Modern packaging for diverse markets.
Complete Custom Cannabis Packaging Discover O.Berk's customizable cannabis packaging solutions: 30 and 40-dram PET jars with child-resistant technology and over 85 color options, with MOQs at 10,000. Start your project today!
Endless Deco Possibilities On Recycled Plastic That Looks Like Glass Experience O.Berk's eco-friendly Heavy Wall PET Cylinder bottles with custom deco capabilities, combining glass-like elegance and sustainability. Stand out with advanced silk-screen processing, elegant hot foil stamping, and various decoration options.
Custom Engraved Metal Caps O.Berk is excited to offer precision engraving on a metal overshell closure, adding custom, fine touches to your brand's product that can be physically felt when holding it.
Exclusive Crystal Clear Heavy Wall PET Made With Recycled Plastics Sustainable packaging solutions is in high demand. O.Berk understands your need for circular, sustainable packaging solutions. Solutions that not only make a positive impact on the environment but also help to elevate your brand.
Heavy Wall PET Cylinder Collection O.Berk's versatile collection of unique, heavy wall PET cylinders is the solution to taking your beauty or personal care line of products to the next level.
Heavy Foot PET Cylinders This unique collection of heavy wall cylinders delivers on multiple fronts to include glass-like quality with enhanced rigidity, a coveted heavy foot design, and capable of the latest in sustainable manufacturing practices.
Child-Resistant Button Lock Disc Top Closures The evolution of child-resistant technology continues to advance rapidly, and O.Berk's latest offering is no exception, the CR Button-Lock Tilt Top Closure.
Sustainable Refillable Airless Dispenser Packaging Combine the look of lux with sustainability, flawlessly, with O.Berk's latest line of sustainable refillable airless dispensing packages. Click here to learn how to create a complete package for your next beauty and personal care projects.
New Resin Additive For Matte, Frosty, Or Milky Effect PET containers are capable of a matte finish, but with the innovative benefit of achieving this effect in a single-stage process. The in-mould capability eliminates the increased lead times and costs generally associated with such an effect.
PCR Airless Packages: Mezzo ECO + Micro ECO O.Berk continues to increase its offerings of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) and to expand its airless packaging portfolio with two new solutions: the Micro ECO and Mezzo ECO.
Exclusive: In-Stock Amber Pour-Out Glass Bottles O.Berk, leaders in packaging solutions, is the only supplier of U.S.-made, proprietary design, 100% leak-proof Amber Pour-Out Glass Bottles.
100% POST-CONSUMER RESIN SINGLE, HEAVY, AND DOUBLE-WALL JARS O.Berk's latest offering of single, heavy, and double-wall jars manufactured in 100% post-consumer resin (PCR) will introduce new, sustainable standards in personal care and beauty.
HiFlow E-Commerce High Viscosity Pump O.Berk is proud to introduce the latest eCommerce dispensing package innovation, designed for the beauty, personal care, and home care markets: the HiFlow E-Commerce High Viscosity Pump.
Exclusive! Portable Dispensing Package O.Berk is excited to introduce an exclusive white silicone orifice reducer, custom made for their successful 2oz White HDPE Boston Round with plug-seal cap.
Heavy Wall PET Now Available in 30% PCR We have over 40 stock moulds for heavy-wall PET bottles and jars capable of 30% PCR manufacturing. O.Berk is committed to serving a market-driven by sustainability.
VersaCube: The All-In-One Bulk Packaging Solution O.Berk's packaging innovation never ceases to think outside of the box, literally. A versatile package that combines a comprehensive solution for easy storage, easy transport, and expedited access to product lies within a simple cube, the VersaCube.
Gel Fine Mist Sprayer O.Berk's latest addition of fine mist sprayers combines the luxury aesthetic associated with prestige dispense packaging with an elevated style of dispensing, complimenting each.
Post Consumer Resin Manufacturing Available For Over 3,000 Stock Moulds O.Berk has curated a collection of over 3,000 stock moulds with post-consumer resin (PCR) manufacturing capabilities - the first and largest searchable library of PCR capable containers and closures online!
2oz HDPE Boston Round And Plug-Seal Cap O.Berk's efforts to provide supplies to combat COVID-19 continues with the 2oz White HDPE Boston Round and 24-410 rib-side continuous thread (CT) closure. This package is well suited for first-responders, essential employees, and the general public.
Convertible Child-Resistant Closures Introducing a closure that converts from a protective CRC to a standard continuous thread (CT) closure from a single gesture - in a snap! With custom options available, this is perfect for Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cannabis, Automotive, and more!
Glass Bottles With Tamper Evident Closures For Beverage and Condiments Tamper-Evident closures paired with Bullet and Stout fling clear glass bottles for the optimum beverage and condiment package solution - with low MOQs! Ideal for cold-fill processing!
Cylindrical Flip-Top Closures In 100% PCR Sustainable packaging solutions offered with a new line of PCR manufacturing capable closures from 50% to 100% PCR in 12 stock colors! Dispensing closures ideal for Personal Care, Beauty, Cosmetic, and more!
Airless Packaging Meets Child-Resistant Technology The Mini CR Pump is an airless solution with customization options to satisfy packaging for Personal Care, OTC, and CBD Topical Applications. Click Read More to learn about this senior-friendly packaging with up-to-date pharma regulation specifics.
Accessible Airless Solutions with Low Minimums and Accelerated Lead Times A collection of metal-free, 100% plastic airless solutions with an accelerated 4 - 6 week lead-time starting at 5K minimums! These airless packages are ideal solutions for the Beauty and Personal Care spaces that are developing or expanding product line.
Child-Resistant Button Lock Sprayers With Overcap CR Button Lock Sprayers Packages are in-stock for immediate or next day shipment! Three package sizes available in 0.5oz, 1oz, and 2oz with an overcap available for compatible sizes. Discover the latest CR innovation with superior button-lock technology.
Complete Child-Resistant Packages For Your Cannabis Flower and Edibles Create the ideal package solution for your cannabis-infused edibles and flower with low minimums on exclusive PET jars and in-stock CRC closures. Stand out with over 70 standard color options to create a package as unique as your strains.
Welcome To The Future Of Decorating Our next-gen silk-screen technology is here with 6 pass capabilities with unique effects. Discover how tactile, metallic, and shimmery inks can help kick off your new line or reinvigorate your branding. Find out more on the future of decorating!
Satisfying the Demands Of E-Commerce with Twist Lock Technology: The Disc Top GO Dispensing Closure Ideal for personal care products, our Disc Top closures provide simple elegance paired with functional design. Read more now on how this closure can transform your product line and improve your e-commerce business from point A to B.
Over 50 New and Exclusive PET Containers From O.Berk O.Berk is proud to offer over 50 new PET containers covering Personal Care, Beauty, Food applications and more! Click Read More to discover the right package for your next project.
COMPLETE YOUR PACKAGE WITH THE SOFT TOUCH OF IN-MOULD MATTE FINISH DISPENSING CLOSURES The ART807 and ART857 Dispensing Flip-Top closures created with an in-mould matte finish deliver a top-shelf presence for your brand. With 350 stock color options available the opportunities to customize your package are here - read more today.
Now In Stock! Flush Fit Child Resistant PET Jars For Cannabis 4oz and 6oz Black and White PET jars are in-stock and ready to ship to package your high-quality strains. 70-400 Child-Resistant Closures (CRC) create a top-shelf, flush-fit look when paired. Components are available for immediate or next day shipping.
Custom Capabilities Arrive For Oral Dosing Syringes & Accessories The complete family of oral dosing solutions has arrived in 3 ranges of highly customizable oral dosing syringes and packaging accessories. Choose capacity, color and dosing measurements to meet the specific needs of your liquid medicine or supplement.
A New Strain Of Cannabis Packaging Emerges in Child-Resistant Tins Child-resistant (CR) tin packaging has evolved with Push-Lock closure technology and are available in modern designs with easy access for a variety of cannabis applications.
Maintain Your eCommerce Package Integrity From Point A To B With Push Lock Technology ART560 Disk-Top Cap: A sleek and modern dispensing solution with enhanced closure technology for the eCommerce marketplace where a demand for package integrity is paramount. Read More to learn about the innovation behind this dispensing closure.
Optimize Your Shelf Appeal : Get More Out Of A Stock Closure with Two Color (Bi Injected) Dispensing Closures The ART850 PP Dispensing Flip Top Cap is produced with bi-injection moulding, allowing for 2 different color resins to be moulded into one piece, eliminating the need for assembling the components. Find out more now about this latest closure technology.
ENDLESS DECO POSSIBILITIES WITH O.BERK'S EXCLUSIVE FAMILY OF HEAVY WALL PET CYLINDERS O.Berk's is proud to present their exclusive line of Heavy Wall PET for the Beauty and Personal Care industry. Short lead times on custom tooling and in-house decoration capabilities mean not sacrificing speed to market for enhanced presentation on shelf.
In-Stock and Ready Ship: Complete Fine Mist Sprayer Package Solutions Obtaining a complete package solution for fragrance, home and personal care mists gets easier with O.Berk’s line of in-stock Fine-Mist Sprayers ready to pair with our stock Boston Rounds.
The Setting Spray Game Changer, Super Soft, Luxe Fine Mist in One Spray The Sinfonia mist sprayer produces a soft, full coverage mist for an even application of facial mists, setting sprays, hair products and essences.
370° Photo-Realistic Digital Printing Available On Natural and White Jars with Unlimited Colors 370° digital printing is now a reality with low minimums, no per-pass pricing, shorter lead-times and no fixture costs! Complete your package with photo-realistic with the CMYK Digitial Printing Process. Click Read More.....
Full Coverage Hot Stamp Closures: An Elegant Touch Add a touch of modern elegance to complete your package with hot stamp foil closures. Take advantage of O.Berk's stock selection of Shiny Gold and Shiny Silver caps, available for immediate delivery.
Unique In-Mold Matte Finish Caps: Enhance Your Product Line with a Softer Look and Feel O.Berk is excited to bring you a unique In-Mold Matte Finish Cap, ideal for completing beauty and personal care packages. Click below to discovery more of this subtle deco capability and complementing jars for a complete package solution.
Find It Quick With O.Berk O.Berk has over 12,000 containers and closures for you to choose from, here is a short video to show you how to find what you want... quick.
Now Serving: A Food and Beverage Closure Designed to Lower Your Shipping and Warehousing Costs The AccuStack is a great general purpose closure offering savings in warehousing space provided by a unique closure design. Ideal for stacking and packing this closure offers custom capabilities from embossment to colorization for Food and Nutraceuticals.
A Fresh Take on A Classic Shape That's Perfect for Craft Brews, Ciders and Carbonated Beverages A fresh take on the classic growler is here in two new designs: Sierra and Barrel. These growlers offer your product optimum shelf presence with a twist for your craft brews, carbonated beverages and freshly squeezed juice products.
Get Luxe (and Go Green) with EZ-R Squeezable Foamers A new generation of foaming dispensers have arrived: EZ-R Foamer. PP containers in 150ml and 300ml sizes deliver a rich and constant foaming experience. One of a kind foaming technology brought to you only by O.Berk Company.
Complete eVape Refill Packages: Bottles, Closures And Custom Colors! 20CC eVape HDPE packages are excellent on-the-go refills for the eCig/ Vape market. With the convenience of this tiny package comes the child-resisteant technology of an LDPE spouted head closure designed especially for refilling eJuice containers.
Another O.Berk EXCLUSIVE! Complete PET Container and Closure Packages Excellent quality and as clear and as rigid as glass are our new line of PET containers. Paired with closures made for these packages offers you a perfect fit!
O.Berk Exclusive: Unique Production Stock PET Containers An O.Berk North America EXCLUSIVE! Over 60 Unique Production Stock PET Containers to Choose From. Find a solution for Home, Personal Care, Nutraceutical Solutions and more!
Fresh New Juice PET Cylinders Quench Your Thirst for a Complete Beverage Package with our New Juice PET Cylinder Beverage Bottles and Colorful Leak-Proof Closures. Small Order Quantities In Stock and Ready to Ship!
Versatile Trigger Sprayers: Reliable Performers and Customizable Designs - FAST! A complete trigger sprayer family ideal for delivering your product in home, garden, automotive, air and professional applications. And they’re all highly customizable.
Colorful Pad Printing On Leak Proof Closures: Put Your Message At The Top Of Your Market! Your brand’s identity will be on top of everyone’s mind when you specify creative pad printing with any combination of up to five colors on smooth, high gloss finish caps.
The New Raven Pump: Clean Aesthetics Pair with Premium Functionality for Hair & Body Reinvigorate your personal care line with the Raven pump and give your packaging a beauty aesthetic for maximum shelf appeal.
The New eSsence Pump: Complete Package with Show Stopping Design for Fragrance & Body A new twist in the fragrance market comes with an eye-catching S style dip tube in a closure, pump, and container system for the total package that works.
O.Berk Announces Acquisition of VPI Packaging O.Berk Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of VPI Packaging and its complete line of capabilities and products for the Personal Care market.
EZ-Grip & EZ-Safe Caps: Comfort and Safety for Children and Seniors Children and those in the senior communities now have a closure that both protects and offers quick access to product with decreased difficulty: EZ-Grip and EZ-Safe Closures.
Amber Straight-Sided Jars - The Full Family, In-Stock & Available to Ship Amber Jars are great for many applications ranging from Beauty & Personal Care to craft items such as wax candles. Products with all natural ingredients are protected by UV barrier provided from the jar's amber hue. Read More about these jars today.
e-Liquid Packaging With SecureCap Technology For Your Unique e-Juice Blends Quality package system comprised of bottle and dropper fitments made of LDPE for enhanced flexibility. SecureCap CRC technology completes the system for a Consumer Product Safety Commission approved package.
Your Go-To Package for Consumables Your go-to package solution for quick, easy and reliable access for your fast to consume product in a convenient 2oz sample size. A solution ideal for antioxidant, protein, wheatgrass shots, kid's paints, and hair & body products.
Direct Digital Print With Limitless Colors Becomes A Possibility! Thousands of colors with low minimum and zero scrap. Digital print on closures are now available for plastic CT and CR closures from 48mm to 120mm.
Heaven: A New Cosmetic Fine Mist Sprayer with Prolong Spray For Enriched Sensorial Experience Announcing new innovation in the fine mist sprayer category for personal care and fragrance products. A sprayer with better, drier-feeling spray that you have to see it to believe it, that's why we have put together a 30-second video for your experience.
A No-Mess, Easy to Apply Packaging Solution Has Never Been Easier - Safer! Not only lotions, oils, and deodorants find their way into roll-on bottles, but analgesic and muscle pain relievers too! Child Resistant Roll-On bottles open up a wider breadth of product applications.
Improve Product Design and Ergonomics With the Drake Lotion Pump A dispensing solution with improved package handling and enhanced performance against water ingression? The Drake Lotion Pump is capable of delivering on both points for your next packaging system.
Versatile and Sleek in Design - Pinch Waist Packer Bottles Are Here Versatile and Sleek in Design - 3 sizes of PET plastic packer in unique design are here : 250cc, 400cc, and 625cc. Read more to see cap options and link to product spec.
Now this is a jar that's ready to go for your Cannabis products! Looking for a ready-to-go plastic jar that is low-profile and wide opening for your cannabis products? Look no further and call O.Berk today for these quick, production stock HDPE jars with matching child resistant caps for a perfect, flush fit.
In Stock fine mist sprayers in black or white, ready to ship today! Comes in 20-410 and 24-410 size, 0.15cc output and low low price. Dip tube can be cut to length per your requirement. Rib side with clear PP plastic hood for maximum actuator protection. available for immediate shipment.
Frosted Glass Elegance and Durable Double-Wall Plastic. Why It’s Both! Click here to see our new line of frosted plastic double wall jars in straight or round base design. Available with inside gate smooth wall regular, high profile, or dome plastic cap and matching pull tab sealing discs.
Food and Beverage Products in a Simple yet Sophisticated Package Now available in production stock and ready to ship in pallet quantities within 1 - 3 weeks. The Stout Bottle, available in 12oz and 16oz glass capacities, is truly unique. Click here to lean more about this simple yet sophisticated glass bottles.
Perfect Compliment of PET Clarity and Tamper Evident Closure for Your Beverage New to the beverage market are these cylinder round wide mouth beverage bottles. Available in pallet quantities with lead times as short as 1 - 2 weeks. These bottles are made of PET plastic that is BPA free and food-grade safe. Click here to learn more.
Glass like clarity and upscale appearance in a classic, environmentally friendly jar Made in the USA and feature a wide-mouth 89mm finish. This PETG plastic jar is ideal for your cosmetic products. Click to learn more.
New Boston Rounds In Vibrant Colors, In Stock And Ready To Ship Immediately These new Boston Rounds are available from stock in three sizes: 0.5, 1, and 2 ounce capacity. The iconic bottle is available in Green, Cobalt Blue, and Flint (clear). Perfect for essential oils, candle scents, herbal extracts,e-liquids, lab use, etc.
The Sophisticated Looks of Glass in a Lightweight, Convenient Plastic Bottle For Your Beverage New and in stock for immediate shipment : Our Clear Wide Mouth Square bottle is great for juice, beverages, and non-carbonated water. These beverage bottles pair perfectly with our new in stock Top Drop Plug Seal Tamper Evident Caps. Click to learn more.
Add some spice to your shelf presence With PET Plastic Spice Jars Add some spice to your shelf presence! Our faceted plastic jar gives you an edge on the shelf. Click here to learn more about our facet spice jars in three distinct sizes (2.6, 4, and 12oz) with stock closure and sifter options.
New Lightweight PET Growlers. For even the most full-bodied of brews! Click here to learn more about 32oz and 64oz amber or clear PET round growler bottles for a low special order requirement and production stock availabilities. Made with food contact safe PET plastic it is ready to serve your brew.
Quality Child-Resistant e-Liquid Packaging Available The system consists of bottles and caps with controlled tips that are molded of LDPE for maximum flexibility. The unique 15mm Traditional Tip Closure meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) standard. Click to learn more.
Eye-Catching, hard To Find PET Bottle Collection Flask, oval, and half round are now available in PET plastic with common neck finish to help your product stands out. Available with 24-410 or 415 neck finish. Custom color matching is available. Click to find out more.
Glass flask bottles are back! Solid and secure and available in 100ml, 200ml, and 375ml size for your beverage needs. Available in production stock with short lead time. These flask bottles are exactly what you need. Click here to learn more.
One Press. 4cc. First Time. Every Time! Made from fewer components, the Element and Lotus HiFlow High Dosage Dispenser is reliable and fast. This high dosage dispenser pump features a metal free pathway ideal for providing up to 4ccs of lotions, shampoos, conditioners, creams and more.
O. Berk Presents A New Children’s Liquid Medication Dispensing System The DoseGuard™ System consists of a specially designed bottle, bottle adapter with a closed flow restrictor valve and an oral syringe, all safely engineered to work together as a complete system. DoseGuard oral dispensers are available in different sizes.
Swipe! Smoothe! Sweet! O.Berk has a new one-handed dispensing system that provides faster and easier gesturing for cotton pad applications of water-based formulations. Parents especially will love its convenience, ease of use and the hygienic operation. Click to learn more.
Head and shoulders above the rest. Even when it's upside down! O.Berk's new bi-injection flip top snap-on dispensing cap features a silicone valve that provide optimal product cut-off and self-sealing. Available with 28mm snap neck bottles pictured above, click "Read More" to learn about this unique dispensing cap.
Scoop! Scoop Seal! With Just One Hand! The MegaFlap Closure is perfect for scoopable contents such as Snacks and Nutritional Supplements, Dry Household Products, Pet Foods and Treats, and Lawn Care Products. Click "Read More" to learn more about this unique scoop storage system on the cap.
Dazzling decorative effects without a secondary manufacturing process. Outstanding!  Two-color gradient effects from top to bottom, bottom to top, centered and pulsed in a plastic bottle that will improve your shelf impact. All done during the extrusion process rather than secondary decorating spray. Click here to learn more.
On Tap and Ready To Go! Top Quality Growlers Are Here! A top quality brew calls for a top quality amber glass growler in 32oz and 64oz size. Click here to learn more about these growlers and stock options.
Plastic Spice Round Bottles Are Your Recipe For Success: Durable, Economical and Short Lead Time! Durable and lightweight, these PET or PP plastic spice round bottle is perfect for your dry powder food products. Available with 5-hole or 11-hole spice snap-on shaker fitments and plastic caps. They are ready to go when you are. Click to learn more.
New PET Apothecary Line - Classic Shape with Modern Applications Available in clear, stock amber, green, and white color in multiple sizes (from 60ml to 350ml) and 20-410 and 24-410 neck, you can find the right size and the right closure for your bottles on the fly. Click "read more" to learn more about them and MOQ.
Silk Screen Your Disc Top Cap - Achieve A New Level Of Shelf Differentiation Take your brand to the next level by silk screening your disc top dispensing cap. Compatible with most smooth wall PP plastic disc top dispensing closure in 20-410 and 24-410 size. Deco template is readily available. Click "read more" for more information
Amber Pour-Out Glass Bottles exclusive to O.Berk Manufactured in the US, proprietary to O.Berk. These Amber Pour-Out glass bottles are all in-stock and ready to ship. From 15cc to 40oz, they offers a leak-proof guarantee when paired with our Phenolic or Urea plastic caps (LDPE cone lined).
Introducing new stock liquid dispensing systems for gallons and drums New to our O.Berk inventory are screw on dispensing taps and faucets with self-closing mechanism that eliminates residual drip and provide excellent oxygen barrier. Available to fit with most 38mm and 63mm neck opening. Click to learn more.
Ordinary into Extraordinary... Transform an ordinary plastic or glass bottles into something extraordinary, click to find out how...





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