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Child-resistant caps (CR caps) are always a popular option in the O.Berk catalog. We work with leading suppliers of glass, plastic, metal, and miscellaneous containers and child-resistant cap suppliers.

Child-resistant caps are used on many different types of products, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and household chemicals. In addition, you can find them on products that contain alcohol, such as mouthwash and perfumes. Child-resistant caps are an essential safety feature, and they can help prevent small children from accidentally ingesting harmful chemicals or swallowing pills.


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Child-resistant caps are ideal for a wide variety of potentially harmful products in the cosmetic, personal care, household cleaning, and industrial manufacturing industries. In addition, child-resistant caps meet compliance regulations for the cannabis, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries.

Child-resistant cap suppliers develop products which are meant to keep children out of dangerous products by making it difficult for tiny fingers to open the caps. CR caps are available in various popular styles, including continuous thread closures, deep skirt closures, pictorial closures, and hinged closures. You may also choose a child-resistant push-down-and-turn closure for liquid and solid products, including medications and supplements.

Child-resistant cap colors featured in the O.Berk product catalog include standard white, black, and natural. You can also colorize your caps with attractive green, red, or yellow hues to complement your brand. In addition to high-quality PP and LDPE plastic child-resistant caps, O.Berk offers several neck sizes of metal child-resistant closures to fit your selected metal containers.

There are many different types of child-resistant bottle caps, each designed to work with a specific kind of bottle. For example, there are caps that work with sports bottles, water bottles, and baby bottles.

The caps work by using a complicated mechanism which is very difficult for a child to operate. This can be a latch, a screw, or a clip. Many child-resistant cap suppliers use bottle designs that hide the instructions or make it harder for children to operate. Most child-resistant bottle caps are made out of plastic or metal. They are also usually very lightweight, so they are easy to use.

If you are looking for a way to keep children safe from accidental ingestion or spills, you should consider working with child-resistant cap suppliers. CR caps are frequently affordable and can help protect your business from potential liability issues with your product design.

If our catalog of child-resistant caps doesn’t have what you need for your manufacturing process, O.Berk offers custom design services to help you create a CR cap unique to your company. The designers work with you to achieve the correct specifications and style to accommodate your existing packaging.

When you need assistance sourcing the right style or size of child-resistant caps, get in touch with an O.Berk packaging expert who can help you identify the correct type of CR cap suppliers for your product line. We make it easy for you to browse through our supplier catalog and start adding products, bottles, caps, and closures to your inquiry cart. Reach out to us today to learn more and create packaging that’ll help you show off your products with style.






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