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Now Serving: A Food and Beverage Closure Designed to Lower Your Shipping and Warehousing Costs

  • Available 120-400 Neck Finish
  • Stackable for Efficient Packing and More Economical Shipping
  • Slim Profile
  • Shallow Skirted
  • Finely Ribbed Sides for Easier Grip
  • Fits Most 120-400 Neck Wide Mouth Jars

    AccuStack Shallow Skirt Fine-Ribbed Closures are a great general purpose closure for food and food services, Nutraceuticals and Powder Beverages!

    Unique stacking closures with the quality you expect from O.Berk fit most jars with a 120-400 neck finish, slim profile and finely ribbed sides which make them much easier to grip. Your customers will appreciate the convenient, non-slip performance.

    AccuStack Shallow Skirt Fine-Ribbed Closures are designed to nest together. They're better than messy layered pack and tumble packed closures which take up tons of space and are a bother to unpack and store. AccuStack closures deliver two distinct advantages: You get 328 closures per carton which means more economical shipping costs. And they're easier to store and pack away. No more wasted storage spaces and unsightly messes!

    AccuStack Shallow Skirt Fine-Ribbed Closures are the perfect choice for the Food and Beverage Services, Nutraceutical and Powdered applications.

    These closures are available in white, black, several standard colors and custom color options available as well. They can easily be embossed or debossed with your custom imagery or message to help your product line stand out at market.

    AccuStack Shallow Skirt Fine-Ribbed Closures are available in the standard colors of black or white in Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) of 25,000. Additional unique colors are available in MOQs of 50,000. Those colors are four different shades of blue, three shades of brown, two shades of green, three shades of yellow and one shade each of red and silver.

    Accustack Shallow skirt Fine-Ribbed Closures are a perfect example of the O.Berk dedication to packaging excellence. For more information contact us today.

    Published Date : Wed, October 18, 2017

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