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A Fresh Take on A Classic Shape That's Perfect for Craft Brews, Ciders and Carbonated Beverages

  • Modern Profile
  • Available in 64oz
  • Low MOQs
  • Fast Delivery
  • Our new glass Growler shapes are ideal for carbonated beverages, freshly pressed ciders and juices, craft beers and more. New, exciting designs bring the convenience of a safe and durable growler container to delicious, quality refreshments. They're easy to carry and ideal for taking favorite thirst quenchers to parks, sporting events, beaches, and other favorite locations!

    The Sierra Growler brings a design twist to the shape of a standard straight growler. Featuring a more modern profile it will appeal to a broader audience and will stand out on shelves. The Barrel Growler is a creative and true-to-life twist on the well known traditional growler design. It actually resembles the barrels that root beer and craft beers originally came from! The Barrel Growler delivers premium shelf appeal and, with its increased label space on the middle panel, great potential for enhanced brand building. Both the Sierra and the Barrel Growlers meet all the performance requirements for craft brews, carbonated beverages and freshly squeezed juices and ciders that are stored and consumed according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

    These growlers feature 64-ounce capacities and convenient grips that give your consumers a comfortable way to care the filled container, and large front label panel areas that provide ample space for labeling, branding and mandatory nutritional information.

    Amber in color, they are available in Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) of one pallet (240 bottles per pallet). They each measure 11" H x 4.80" W and have a 38-408 neck finish with a full range of caps and liners to fit. They are production stock and lead times are one to two weeks. For more information and to quickly fill your growler needs, contact your O.Berk representative today!

    Published Date : Tue, September 19, 2017

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