• E-Commerce Friendly
  • Twist Lock and Anti-Backoff Technology
  • MOQ 10M
  • Customizable Color Combinations
  • Meeting the continuously evolving demands of the e-commerce market can be difficult, especially with new consumer, distributor and shipper requirements aimed at preventing leakage while still making sure your product arrives looking as perfect as it would just off the shelf.

    O.Berk understands those needs in the Beauty and Personal Care spaces and we're proud to introduce an innovative solution: The Disc Top GO Dispensing Closure.

    The Disc Top GO features a 24-410 neck finish constructed out of PP. Two rectangular orifice sizes are available in 2.79mm X 7.87mm and 2.79 X 4.22mm, ideal for dispensing viscous products like gels, oils, and creams. The dispensing closure is made up of three components: push down disc top, locking ring, and collar, offering the flexibility of creating multiple color combinations to better define your brand and show well in e-commerce environments. The Disc Top GO offers a twist locking ring, ensuring the orifice remains in place on the go in a bag or box traveling by freight, or plane.

    An anti-backoff thread technology is integrated into the closure with a crab claw seal, further preventing any product loss or damage while in transit and improving the consumer’s first impression of your brand. With these solutions in place, the need for shrink bands, plastic zip-lock bags, or tear bands is eliminated as well as the additional cost. If added protection or tamper evidence is desired, this closure can be lined with your specified liner material.

    This innovative e-commerce solution for Beauty, Personal Care, and topical applications has minimum order quantities starting at 10,000 for single color combinations. Contact us today or select the item below for more information on this latest O.Berk offering in dispensing closure technology - how can we help?







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