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The Setting Spray Game Changer, Super Soft, Luxe Fine Mist in One Spray

  • Fine Mist Spray for Optimal Coverage
  • Ideal for Facial Mists, Setting Sprays, Essences, Hair Mists and Fragrance
  • Low MOQs
  • Available Gold and Silver Finish
  • Elevate your customer’s experience and entice them to repurchase by delivering an application experience worthy of your formulation. The Sinfonia mist sprayer produces a soft, full coverage mist for an even application of facial mists, setting sprays, hair products and essences.

    We’re showcasing the Sinfonia AVR Fine Mist Sprayer with natural overcap. The assembly is made up of PP with a metal over shell in shiny silver or gold and an all plastic option with custom color possibilities. Available in 20-410 and 24-410 neck finishes. Five outputs are available: 0.05ml, 0.07ml, 0.1ml, 0.13ml, and 0.19ml. Each actuation delivers a consistent spray pattern on a wide range of alcohol and water-based formulas.

    The extended Sinfonia Fine Mist Sprayer line offers you the flexibility of choosing your neck finish, spray angle, design profile, and output to match your package specifications. With 5 possible spray heads, 9 overcaps, 21 neck sizes, and 36 different closure styles there is a broad range of customizable options to differentiate your line. Inquire for the full listing.

    The Sinfonia Fine Mist Sprayer is available in minimum order quantities of 10,000 with lead times between 4 - 6 weeks. For more information on the Sinfonia Fine Mist Sprayer reach out to your O.Berk representative today or select one of the items below - how can we help?

    Published Date : Tue, May 8, 2018

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