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Get Luxe (and Go Green) with EZ-R Squeezable Foamers

The EZ-R Foamer from O.Berk is a complete performance foaming container and cap that delivers perfect, creamy foam from the first squeeze to last. Simply invert the bottle and squeeze!

EZ-R Foamer offers greater on shelf differentiation, ease of consumer use and a greener package due to less materials used in its fabrication. Made of high-quality polypropylene, the container will return to its original shape after multiple squeezes. Convenient one-handed upside down use means it's self-priming. The bottle's full restitution performance means it's always ready to foam again!

The high-quality foaming engine is located within the flip top cap and produces a visually appealing, creamy and rich foam. The result of mixing your liquid products and air, foamed products stay where they're applied, are easy to spread and are easier to rinse off completely. Foamed products also benefit from increased performance versus common liquid soaps and gels. Best of all, with EZ-R Foamer from O.Berk the process is completely propellant-free!"

EZ-R Foamer is a perfect choice for Personal Care and Household Product Markets, including facial, sun, kids and baby, body, pet and more.

EZ-R is available in Minimum Order Quantities of 25,000 and includes both the bottle and flip-top cap. The stock color white is available in 150ml and 300ml capacities and custom colors are available.

EZ-R Foamer is another example of how we have every aspect of your packaging covered at O.Berk. For more information contact us today.

Get the Green Facts:

  • 52% Reduction in mass and lighter than a classic pump without metal or POM materials
  • Almost All compponents are in PP/PE
  • Engine contains 7 components instead of the standard 14 for foam pumps and fewer manufacturing processes means less energy consumption
  • Reduces packaging size and weight by 55% for optimized supply chain and enhanced shelf space
  • Foaming your formula means 65% less formula usage as compared to lotions and shower gels and 22% less water usage as compared with liquid soap.
  • Made in the U.S.A., minimizing transport costs and carbon impact.
  • Published Date : Tue, August 29, 2017

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