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The New Raven Pump: Clean Aesthetics Pair with Premium Functionality for Hair & Body

Extend your brand's reach in the personal care space with a premium aesthetic. The Raven pump offers the dispensing of a personal care dosage with the high end appeal of beauty products on the shelf today.

The extended nozzle of the PP actuator dispenses a consistent 1cc per actuation, making it an ideal solution for hair and body products where precise application is necessary. The high-end appeal reamains intact with up-lock technology engaged every 90 degrees in any direction for safe distribution and consumer transport. Dip tube lengths are available at 152mm stock with customization options available to lengthen or shorten. Available stock colors include white, black, and natural with a 24-410 deep skirt closure at low minimum order quantities.

The Raven is a versatile pump for a wide range of moisturizing and firming to anti-cellulite formulations with a high end design matching its functionality.

Look below to find out further specifications, availability, and custom color match possibilities.

Published Date : Tue, January 31, 2017

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