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Dispensing Caps for Bottles, Jars, and Jugs

Dispensing caps and lids are essential for product manufacturers of all varieties, mainly because they can prevent product contamination and spoilage. They also help regulate the distribution of products and make it possible to measure the amount of product being dispensed. There are several different types of caps, each of which has its distinct benefits and specific functionality.


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At O.Berk, your company can find the glass, plastic, and metal containers you need and an assortment of functional caps and closures, like popular designs from our dispenser cap suppliers. The O.Berk catalog of dispensing caps features durable designs of the highest quality LDPE, PP, and PE plastics.

With an array of styles in plastic dispensing caps, O.Berk makes it easy to find tube neck dispensing spouts, solid rod applicators, dispensing lids and hinged closures, and twist open / twist close caps. With a focus on safety, the O.Berk catalog also features child-resistant dispensing caps that protect kids from accessing potentially dangerous or harmful products.

O.Berk also partners with top-end dispenser cap suppliers that develop bottle designs with matching pipettes, a combination that works well for essential oils, tinctures, fragrances, and other high-potency or concentrate products that customers should accurately measure.

Dispenser cap options meet the requirements of a wide range of businesses, including office supply manufacturers and industries that focus on personal care, health and beauty, cosmetics, household cleaners, and suppliers in the industrial and chemical sectors. Colorized dispensing caps make it easy to decipher between different product types and are available in an assortment of colors so you can easily find designs that complement your brand aesthetic and style.

When choosing a dispensing lid, it is important to consider the size of your container. The top should fit securely on the container to prevent the product from spilling. It is also essential to consider the type of product that you will be dispensing. The lid you choose will depend on the product type and the container size.

You should also consider what type of product you’re measuring. For example, if you’re crafting tinctures, liquid supplements, or medications, you’ll want your bottle to include precise measurement markings. On the other hand, if you’re creating cosmetic or hygienic products like soaps and scrubs, you can use pumps that leave the amount to the user’s discretion.

With such an extensive catalog of dispensing caps and supplier solutions in the O.Berk catalog, sometimes it’s best to seek a bit of extra guidance and support when you’re ready to invest in a packaging solution. O.Berk container experts are available to help you narrow your choices in dispensing cap options and ensure you’re ordering the right size and style for your manufacturing needs.

Take a look at the extensive selection of dispensing caps and related supplier products available through the O.Berk catalog. Then, dive into foamer pumps, lotion pumps, and fine-mist sprayer suppliers that craft high-impact products that’ll help you leave a lasting impression on customers. Start building your inquiry cart, and contact us today to learn more about available catalog items, our expansive supplier network, and other packaging needs.






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