Fast Track Your Quality Case

Our goal is ensure that you consistently receive quality components.

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the components you receive, we want to make it right as quickly as possible. By submitting the quality form, your submission will be routed directly to our quality team and move through the process faster. We will provide you updates along the way. To get started, be sure you have one of the following documents handy:

  1. Packing Slip
  2. A carton label from the defective product

From these documents, you’ll need to enter the quantity, O.Berk® product number, PO order number, and lot number to complete the submission.

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If possible, a copy of the test report with the results of the findings should be included. Please also include:

  • Pictures of the complaint(s)
  • Pictures of the case label(s)
  • Pictures of the pallet label(s)

Drop file here (Maximum 4MB in PDF, JPG, PNG file format)