• 100% PCR Manufactured Closures Available
  • 12 Compatible Stock Colors
  • MOQ 200,000

O.Berk continues to expand its ever-growing catalog of sustainable packaging solutions with a new line of PCR manufacturing capable closures, up to 100%! This collection covers applications where the demand for eco-friendly packaging is present. Compatible color options are available to elevate your line and further promote your environmentally conscious branding.

PCR or Post-Consumer Resins are plastics that have been through the recycling process after leaving the hands of the consumer. It has been reprocessed through separation, cleaning, and drying cycles to then blend with other recycled plastics to create PCR resin for new manufacturing.

This collection of PCR closures can be manufactured from 50% up to 100%, made of polypropylene (PP), allowing room for formula compatibility while still promoting sustainability in your package. The following list are the dispensing closures compatible with PCR manufacturing:

  • ART 405 Series
    20-415 dispensing closure with a slender, classic design compatible with Edge Seal, Pressure Sensitive, Life 'N' Peel, and IHS liners.

  • ART 455 Series
    20-410 dispensing closure with a compact design with orifice sizes available in 2.5mm - 4mm. Compatible with Edge Seal, Pressure Sensitive, Life 'N' Peel, and IHS liners.

  • ART 505 Series
    24-415 classic dispensing closure design with a contemporary appeal. Closure features a bore seal system, ideal for oil-based products and adaptable to a wide vareity of product formulations.

  • ART 555-556 Series
    24-410 Compact dispensing closure available in 2.5mm - 5mm orifice sizes, ideal for oil-based products. In additonan to liner options crab-claw seal version type 556 of this closure is available.

  • ART 655 Series
    28-410 dispensing closure with an ergonomic designed with ease of access in mind. Compatible with with Edge Seal, Pressure Sensitive, Life 'N' Peel, and IHS liners for a variety of markets and applications.

Compatible colors include but are not limited to blue, yellow, red, and green - 12 compatible stock colors in total for PCR! Because of the nature of PCR manufacturing, plastic tones may vary compared to virgin resin and has been a challenge for color additives until now.

Post-Consumer Resin in accordance with FDA regulations may also be available for large volume orders.

Minimum order quantities begin at 200,000. Lead times ranging between 4 - 6 weeks.

Looking for a larger selection of PCR compatible stock mould closures? Click here now to visit our expanding catalog of closure options with sustainable and eco-friendly options.

For more information, contact us today to speak to a member of our team or select a closure to the right - let us get your packaging solution underway, today.







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