• 6 Pass Silk Screening
  • Registration within .0004 inches or .1mm
  • Special Effect Inks Available
  • O.Berk Company is excited to highlight our next generation silk screening technology. Produce your design in full color with 6 pass capability and pinpoint registration, as well as special effects such as transparent, metallic and shimmer ink as well as tactile ink.

    Don't stress about complicated artwork, flex your brands' creative muscles with registration capability within .0004 inches or .1mm and virtually seamless 360° wrap deco on cylinders. This technology is available for most containers with a diameter between 20mm and 5", and a max height of 15". Both rigid and pliable containers can be easily decorated with air fill capability.

    This new technology opens the door for layered 6 pass designs including geometric patterns and point to point registration that had traditionally only been possible through label application which adds excess waste and can pollute the recycling stream when wrapped around otherwise recyclable plastic bottles.

    To take your design to the next level, consider adding a special effect. Transparent inks are available in almost any color with adjustable transparency. Metallic inks are available in a variety of silvers and golds and can be added in degrees to other inks or layered under transparent ink to produce additional metallic colors. Shimmer ink contains tiny pearlescent particles, for a soft, subtle glow.

    With O.Berk Company, the possibilities are endless. If you're interested in discussing a project with us, contact us today!






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