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Vials are most often used in the diagnostic, analytical, or pharmaceuticals markets, but we’re seeing an increasing frequency of use in the Personal Care and Cosmetics for sampling and trial sizes. Glass vials are slim, tall, cylinder shaped glass containers that can be used to contain a wide variety of liquid, specimens, or samples. Since they are typically made of Type I glass, they are compatible with all types of sterilization procedures up to 200°C temperature.

O.Berk offers a selection of glass vials that are available in a wide range of sizes from 1 dram to 6 drams. Vial is an ideal choice for dispensing small quantities liquid such as essential oils, perfumes, and lab sample transfer. Glass Vials are sorted by size, available in bulk and wholesale quantity. Click on "See Specification" link for product detail.

If you are interested in a custom vial, or would like to know how to spec a vial, click here to see our 5 steps infographic. From glass type, style, to packing options.

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    Vials are typically made of glass and use a unit of measurement to determine their capacity, which is called a dram. If you didn’t know what a dram is, it’s a 1/8 fluid ounce or one teaspoon. Pair this jar with a drop tip or orifice reducer to complete the package. Many of our glass vials are made in the US.

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