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Whether you need a fine mist sprayer or a spray assembly with an extender, O.Berk’s supplier catalog selection provides you with an extensive amount of choices. Sprayers are an ideal packaging solution for a variety of industries, including cannabis, personal care, health and beauty, household cleaners, and more.


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The best way to develop packaging that can spray water, cleaning solutions, or fragrances from a bottle is to work with bottle sprayer suppliers. A bottle sprayer is a nozzle that attaches to the top of a bottle and has a trigger that you can pull to release the liquid. This is a great way to spray water on plants or to clean something with a spray of cleaning fluid.

There are a few different types of bottle sprayer suppliers available. The most common type is the trigger sprayer. This type has a trigger that you pull to release the liquid. Some trigger sprayers also have a lock-on feature, which allows you to keep the trigger pulled and the liquid flowing without having to keep your finger on the trigger.

Another type of product that bottle sprayer suppliers offer is the fine mist sprayer. This type has a nozzle you press down to release the liquid. Mist sprayers and aerosol sprayers are great for spraying things like paint or cooking oil. In addition, many fragrance brands, room deodorizers, and fresheners rely on aerosol sprayer heads and fine-mist sprayers.

While there are a number of different types of bottle sprayers available, the most common are the hand-held variety. These are perfect for smaller jobs, such as cleaning the car or the windows. They are also great for getting into tight spaces, such as between the tiles in the bathroom.

No matter what bottle sprayer you choose, it is crucial to ensure that it is correctly attached to the bottle. The nozzle should fit securely onto the top of the bottle, and the trigger should be able to move back and forth easily. This is the ideal spot for most brands to start testing product compatibility.

Each sprayer available from O.Berk is designed with the highest quality plastics to ensure reliable spray functionality. An attractive assortment of colors are available for the plastic sprayers, including popular choices like shiny gold, silver, white, and black. In addition, choose from multiple neck diameters and closure sizes to ensure a tight-sealing fit on your container of choice.

O.Berk also sources an extensive selection of compatible plastic and glass bottles, jars, and vials that work well with your dispensing sprayer. On top of that, our bottle sprayer suppliers develop compatible products that help you blend form and function when you’re getting ready to fulfill a significant order or rebrand a product.

If you’re unsure about the dip tube length or sprayer size you need for your manufacturing specifications, contact the O.Berk packaging experts for help. The experienced team members can work with your industry requirements and product lines to find the proper sprayer assembly for your liquids and viscous materials.

Shop O.Berk’s online catalog of sprayers now, or contact an O.Berk representative to discuss your large-scale sprayer order. Learn more about the shipping times for our suppliers’ merchandise to prevent delays in your production schedule.






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