California SB-343 Environmental Advertising: Recycling Symbol

California SB-343 Environmental Advertising: Recycling Symbol: Recyclability: Products and Packaging

California SB-343 Environmental Advertising: Recycling Symbol

California SB-343 Environmental advertising: Recycling Symbol: Recyclability: Products and Packaging

There is a major regulatory change taking place rigid packaging industry. O.Berk's plastic manufacturing partners are making mold modifications to the resin identification code (RID) located at the push-up of all plastic bottles (directly beneath the bottle). This identification code is associated with recycling symbology consisting of the chasing arrows in a triangular formation. The arrow indicators will be and are currently being replaced by a solid line triangle in a gradual roll out.

Will This Impact Established Container Specifications?

Please be advised that our manufacturing partners have assured us that the change control will not affect the overflow capacity, threads, dimensions, or any other specifications that would require testing or re-qualification of the component.

What Will Be Changed and Why?

The modification will involve changing the current "chasing arrows symbol" to a solid triangle with the appropriate resin code.

Why this change is rolling out can be further clarified, in short, by referring to the following clause taken directly from the California Senate Bill 343:

"Existing law declares that it is the public policy of the state that environmental marketing claims, whether explicit or implied, should be substantiated by competent and reliable evidence to prevent deceiving or misleading consumers about the environmental impact of plastic products and that, for consumers to have accurate and useful information about the environmental impact of plastic products, environmental marketing claims should adhere to uniform and recognized standards."

Further clarifying the clause above, the chasing arrows give a false impression of the recyclability of a finished plastic component and pose an inefficient means of communication or contradiction to the actual recyclability of said finished plastic component.

Where Can I Find Out More Information?

Our team understands the importance of providing clear and accurate information to our customers. As such, we want to direct your attention further to the California Senate Bill 343, which provides more information about the "chasing arrows symbol" and its implications. The "chasing arrows symbol" is defined as "an equilateral triangle, formed by three arrows curved at their midpoints, depicting a clockwise path, with a short gap separating the apex of each arrow from the base of the adjacent arrow," and/or "variants of that symbol that are likely to be interpreted by a consumer as an implication of recyclability, including, but not limited to, one or more arrows arranged in a circular pattern or around a globe."

Below you can see an example of two images that showcase the current RID in use with the chasing arrows and the replacement of the RID with a solid triangle:

Current Symbology Standard In Use

Upcoming Symbology Standard

At O.Berk, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously and strive to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information regarding environmental regulations. How can we help?

Additional Resources About Recycling

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on 04/10/2023
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