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Are you seeking the highest-quality wholesale plastic closures for your product packaging? At O.Berk, we have hundreds of container closures which can be manufactured with post-consumer resin (PCR), helping you maintain an environmentally friendly production process without sacrificing anything when it comes to the quality craftsmanship of these lids and caps.



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An Industry Leader in PCR

O.Berk has the largest catalog of bulk PCR-compatible stock mould closures on the web. We offer an incredible variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and colors, allowing you to find the perfect lid, cap, or other closure for your product packaging.

We believe that a high-quality closure is just as crucial as the container itself, which is why we only provide our customers with the very best in tight-sealing caps. Whether you use glass or plastic containers for your products, we can help you choose wholesale PCR closures to help protect your packages against product loss.

Hundreds of PCR Closures Available

At O.Berk, we believe in making as many of our products PCR-compatible as possible. With this in mind, we offer PCR shaker lids and flip-top caps for easy dispensing of spices, dried herbs, sprinkles, and more. We also have pour spouts in a variety of neck sizes, as well as twist top and push-pull dispensing closures available with PCR content.

If you’re packaging food or beverage products that need to be kept fresh, you might be interested in our selection of PCR tamper-evident closures. We have quite a few styles of bulk tamper-evident closures to choose from, including our ever-popular plug seals and tear-away lids.

Are you selling pharmaceutical products or chemical cleaning products that pose a danger to children? We have many different styles and sizes of child-resistant PCR closures, which help keep potentially dangerous items out of the hands of children.

Need Help? Contact Us!

Do you require some assistance to determine which kind of wholesale PCR plastic closures you need for your product packages? Contact one of our packaging specialists today! Our experts can provide the help you need to choose which closures to use for your manufacturing process, while helping your brand become a leader in the push for a more sustainable future. Keep in mind that we also offer discounts for bulk purchases, and we’re happy to provide you with a free sample of any of our PCR closures.

Finally, it’s important to note that due to the custom nature of PCR manufacturing, lead times may be longer for PCR runs, and we may also have higher minimum order requirements for these products. The ability and percentage of PCR are unique to each manufacturer and production platform. To find out the percentage of resin that can be run in PCR for any specific product, take a look at the “Product Notes” section on the product page.

For more information about PCR, check out our article about using PCR to manufacture PET bottles, or take a look at our entire selection of PCR educational content.






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