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If you’re looking to partner with a high-quality plastic container supplier or you need a plastic container for cleaning supplies, cosmetics, oils, foodstuffs, or other products, O.Berk is here to help.


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With our large network of suppliers around the world, O.Berk will deliver plastic bottles, jars, jugs, vials, and pails tailored to your industry-specific needs. As leading plastic packaging experts, O.Berk offers the latest in plastic containers made of the highest quality materials.

Industries across the board, including personal care, pharmaceutical, household cleaners, and beauty products, benefit from the large variety of available styles and shapes of O.Berk plastic containers. High-grade plastic bottles and jars are also compliant with food and beverage requirements, making them suitable for restaurant suppliers, beverage manufacturers, and other industries that require food-safe plastic containers. The evolving cannabis industry will also find O.Berk’s line of plastic containers ideal for storage and sales.

Browse through O.Berk's selection of eye-catching styles and shapes, including classic styles and modern looks. O.Berk works with a plastic bottle container supplier and distributor network that develops packaging options suitable for household cleaners and chemicals, lip balms, nail polish, and pharmaceuticals.

O.Berk’s selection of plastic containers includes an assortment of neck diameters and size capacities, from the smallest trial sizes to the largest gallon-size jugs and pails. O.Berk also stocks a large variety of tight-sealing caps and closures, including functional closures like pumps and sprayers.

If you’re looking for a storage container that is both durable and recyclable, then a plastic bottle is a great option. Plus, they come in many varying shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

When looking for restaurant supply plastic containers, many people choose our plastic bottles and containers to store food because they are airtight and watertight. This helps to keep the food fresh and prevents it from spoiling.

Others choose to use plastic bottle containers to store their liquid products because they are lightweight, shatter-proof, and leak-resistant. This is especially useful for those looking to store things like shampoo, conditioner, or soap.

Another valuable attribute of plastic bottle containers is that they are easy to clean. All you have to do for many applications is wash them with a mixture of water and mild soap, and they will be good as new!

Plastic containers are designed to be durable, and our plastic container supplier network makes bottles with the highest quality materials, including PET, HDPE, PVC, and PCR plastics. In addition to the extensive options for various sizes and shapes of plastic containers, O.Berk offers custom-design services that allow you to create exactly the plastic container you need. The O.Berk team guides you through each step of the custom design process to ensure the timely completion and delivery of your plastic jars, bottles, jugs, and other container options.

Suppose you need help identifying the right size or shape of plastic containers to store your products properly. In that case, O.Berk’s packaging experts are available to discuss your manufacturing requirements for plastic containers. From restaurant supply plastic containers and food plastic container suppliers to a top-notch plastic container for cleaning supplies, we have a packaging solution for any brand or growing business.






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