Sustainable Living Tips from Water Bottles to Paperless Bills

Sustainable Living Tips from Water Bottles to Paperless Bills

As consumers and human beings, it is becoming more important that we try to make decisions in our daily life to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. A sustainable lifestyle is one where an individual will try to minimize their use of the Earth's natural resources. There are many ways this can be done, such as recycling materials like glass, plastic, and paper, reducing energy in the home, and reusing certain materials and products to reduce waste. Some of the easiest steps someone can take to a more sustainable lifestyle are water conservation, going paperless, driving less, learning to compost, and finding ways to save energy in your home.

Water Conservation

In the home people use water for a variety of functions including drinking, showering, laundry, and washing the dishes. Doing all of these tasks adds up to around several gallons to hundred gallons of water being used and mostly wasted each month. By making strides to conserve the water usage in your home, it will help to decrease the cost in your water bill and more importantly be helping the environment. You can also help limit the materials you use to carry water by purchasing a reusable water bottle instead of wasting plastic bottles every time you get a drink.

Go Paperless

Many people are replacing paper files with electronic ways to store information for their business and personal lives. There are now ways to limit the amount of paper you can accumulate at home or at the office. Most companies now offer a system to pay your bills online instead of getting a paper bill in the mail. To reduce paper waste in your home you can replace your old filing cabinet with storing information online.

Drive Less, Walk More

The more driving you do, the more gas emissions that are being put into the air and affecting the environment. Instead of driving, if your destination is close by consider walking or riding a bike. Not only will it be better for the air, but it is also a good source of physical activity. You can also look into car pooling with other people to work, bringing kids to school, or any other locations. If you must drive, make sure your car is running efficiently to eliminate any other toxic emissions into the air.

Learn to Compost

Composting is the process of taking excess food scraps and other natural debris and using it as soil fertilizer for your yard and garden. The main benefit of composting is hat it reduces the amount of waste we send to the landfill. Not to mention, that it will help you grow a beautiful garden. There are also other forms of composting such as worm composting and grasscycling.

Greenify Your Home

Finding ways to be more sustainable in your home will help you to save money but also help the environment with you saving more energy. Many companies now sell "green" and environmentally friendly products such as lightbulbs and high efficiency electronic products like refrigerators, washers and dryers, and dishwashers. Make sure when buying products for your house to look for environmentally friendly products.






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