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The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is the leading voice on sustainable packaging with a membership that encompasses the entire supply chain.

Our Focus

Sustainability requires a multifaceted strategy - we're focused on making a positive impact through our products, performance, and partners, and to succeed, we must consider all three. We expect and encourage our suppliers to achieve high ethical and environmental standards and demonstrate consistent progress in these areas. With our more strategic suppliers, we develop long term plans, allowing for investments and dedicated resources that enable us to drive sustainable improvements.

Leaders in purchasing and supply chain across every industry are seeking innovative ways to optimize value creation beyond cost savings. With increased stakeholder demands, public scrutiny and regulations around sustainability, the pressure (and challenge) is on to ensure that standard practices meet these expectations.

In order to ensure we are upholding our principles across our supplier base we vet all of our suppliers according to a strict code of conduct:

  • Engage in lawful and ethical business practices
  • Provide and promote a safe, respectful, fair, and diverse workplace
  • Protect the environment and community

Knowing more about the sustainability performance of suppliers can protect your sourcing activities and also reveal best practices and untapped opportunities. In order to ensure compliance, we supply our vendors with our supplier code of conduct. Our vendors also must complete a questionnaire and acknowledgment of our policies

Key Initiatives:

Increase the amount of recycled content we offer

Reduce the amount of plastic in our product offerings

Design to ensure that the plastic we offer can be reused or recycled

Work collaboratively to challenge our partners to seek and trial bio based and post consumer resin alternatives

What We're Doing Today:

Recycled Materials

We aim to increase the use of post-consumer recycled plastic materials in PET and other plastic formats. Today, O.Berk is collaborating with SK Chemical and APAC reprocessors to source a reliable and consistent supply of virgin-quality PCR that will meet the high-quality standards and performance requirements of our customers.

We offer the largest catalogue of PCR (Post Consumer Resin) compatible moulds online. Over 3,000 of our available container and closure moulds can be manufactured in a range of 25-100% PCR. By increasing the availability of readily accessible recycled content to our customers we hope to aid in bringing more recycled content to market while reducing plastic waste.

Plant-Based PET

In addition to increasing recycled content, we are also seeking more sustainable alternatives for the source of PET. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in PET manufactured from bio-based raw materials. We support the use of bio-plastics made from biomass sources such as sugar cane. We will continue to explore opportunities to introduce this plant-based PET into our supply chain to reduce carbon emissions and move away from petroleum-based materials. Where we use conventional petroleum-based plastics for PET, we will not specify biodegradability additives as we believe these additives do not have environmental or broader sustainability benefits.


When O.Berk began back in the early 20th century our business was focused on collection and reuse of glass bottles, we’re carrying that tradition forward as one of the largest suppliers of glass container packaging in the United States. Glass is 100% recyclable and never degrades and can also be sanitized and reused at the consumer level.

Ethical Sourcing

All of O.Berk’s product offerings, including those containing metals such as tin, are certified conflict mineral free.

Sustainability and Shipping

O.Berk reuses all of our shipping pallets as part of a continuous effort to reduce waste. We have opted into the UPS Carbon Neutral Program to offset our carbon emissions from UPS shipments.
In order to streamline supply chain shipping and reduce carbon emissions our operations department regularly reviews our fuel usage and shipping patterns in an effort to consolidate and reduce emissions through improved efficiency. We rely on ocean freight for international shipments and make every effort to utilize intermodal rail freight to avoid long distance truck deliveries.

Carbon Offset

O.Berk offsets its 413 tons of carbon emissions annually through the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform. Through this program, we contribute to reforestation in India. The goal of the project, developed and administered by Mangalam Timber Products Limited (MTPL), is to partner with rural landowners in three states in India to provide financial support and education on reforesting degraded land, preventing and reversing severe soil erosion, creating jobs and a healthy habitat for native flora and fauna.

Sustainable Decoration

We've partnered with a North America based contract decorator to launch a six-station rotary screenprint machine. With a registration tolerance of just 0.1 mm, this new capability offers a viable alternative to traditional pressure-sensitive label substrates, which can significantly challenge material sorting in single-stream material recovery facilities.


As we continue to shape the future of a Sustainable Supply Chain, we've launched an initiative to benchmark our Corporate Social Responsibility progress. A cross-functional team from Sales, Supply Chain, Operations, and Quality has been established to leverage the Ecovadis platform to benchmark our progress within the industry - and more importantly - to develop a standard for our development over time.

Clear commitments and an innovative approach will guide us on our journey towards delivering sustainable packaging.

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