Product Spotlight


  • 100% Recyclable Container
  • Injection Molded Ergonomic Handle
  • Capable of fill temperatures up to 120°F (49°C)
  • Ehanced Top Load Capabilities
  • Custom Shapes Possible
  • Get a handle on the competition and explore new opportunities with O.Berk’s latest in innovative packaging: The 64oz Surehandle™️ PET Container, a unique carafe style PET container with integrated handle. The container and handle are made of a single-material moulded together at the preform stage - increasing structural integrity over multi-piece handled jugs comprised of different materials.

    This 64oz clear PET container features a 38-400 neck finish with an oblong carafe body style. The sides are ribbed to prevent paneling, while the design leaves ample room for labeling. The mono-layer PET container is capable of withstanding product fill temperatures up to 120℉ (49℃).

    The Surehandle™️ PET Container is excellent for product that may have unique filling requirements: cocktail mixers, syrups, sauces, dressing, marinades, and beverages, while also being suitable for liquid cleaners and detergents for the household and chemical market.

    A benefit of an integrated PET handle is that it maintains full recyclability of the container. No secondary processes are necessary to mend the handle, potentially increasing lead-times and potentially introducing non-recyclable materials to the overall package. The ergonomic design of the handle facilitates pouring and is senior and child-friendly for handling.

    The Surehandle™️ is designed with enhanced top load capabilities. Allowing the container to withstand stacking of four layers to a pallet after filling, and up to four pallets high. Combine the Surehandle’s ability to stack higher with the use of a tray pack, and you have a solution that could potentially decrease shipping costs while providing a ready-to-hit-the-floor option for big-box retailers. The Surehandle™️ is a cost-competitive container alternative.

    O.Berk's 64oz Surehandle™️ PET container is available in minimum order quantities (MOQs) of 25,000 at Production Stock levels with a 2 - 3-week lead-time. MOQ of 250,000 are required for custom shapes with a 4 - 12-week lead time.

    You also have the opportunity to incorporate custom colors and custom shapes at capacities up to 2-liters featuring the integrated handle.

    To learn more about the latest addition to the O.Berk family of rigid packaging select the mentioned item(s) below or contact us today - how can we help?

    Published Date : Tue, September 11, 2018

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