Why Your Best Choice Today is a One-Stop Packaging Resource
Why Your Best Choice Today is a One-Stop Packaging Resource

There are many advantages to buying from a distributor in today’s market. When you consider these facts, it becomes abundantly clear why a distributor can give you the market advantage you need when it comes to sourcing the perfect packaging solution.

  • Buying Power – Distributors are able to purchase very large quantities of an item at substantially lower per unit pricing. Working with a distributor enables small- to mid-sized companies to take advantage of the distributor’s buying power, a welcome benefit, especially when many companies are struggling with economy-driven, scaled-back spending. Being in a position to "piggy back" on a distributor’s substantial discounts for bulk-rate buying is certainly favorable to paying potentially higher prices for the same product from various unknown manufacturers.
  • Local Sales Representation – Doing business with local sales representatives fosters consistency, continuity, satisfaction and reassurance. You’re able to develop an ongoing relationship with sales representatives who take the time to listen and to understand the nature of your business and your unique packaging needs. This relationship usually results in the ability to offer various choices and selections and a total packaging solution.

  • Turnkey Supply Chain – A distributor has the ability to provide turnkey packaging solutions. Instead of having to interact with several suppliers for potentially three–five different components (i.e., containers, closures, decorating and labeling), a distributor can offer all these services and take charge of your entire project, start to finish, providing the assurance that what you want is exactly what you get.
  • Custom Package Development – A distributor can take a “napkin drawing“ of a custom bottle, turn it into an engineering drawing, create the mold that meets exact specifications, and finally produce your “dream” bottle. In other words, if you have an idea for a bottle that you can’t find or that doesn’t exist, a distributor can develop it, from concept through production.
  • Quality Assurance – In an ideal world, mistakes never happen and everyone is happy 100% of the time. But in the real world, this just isn’t the case. One major advantage to using a distributor is the fact that they take ownership of quality issues before they occur. Distributors are educated and familiar with all your necessary certifications and qualifications, including sustainable packaging initiatives. They’re the single point of contact that’s responsible for problem prevention and resolution across all components of your project.
  • Logistics and Scheduling – When you work with a distributor, you deal with a one–stop resource that handles all the components of your project (sourcing, scheduling and delivery), so you don’t have to. Having a trusted partner who can attend to these types of logistics gives you more time to focus on the aspects of your job that only you can handle, which ultimately saves time and money, making your company more cost–conscious and effective.
  • An Unbiased Approach to Your Solution – Distributors are in the unique position of being able to offer a solution that is the best fit for your company. A manufacturer often tries to fit their product to your need simply because it’s all they have to offer. Distributors are focused on the right products and solutions, whether they’re custom or stock items. They’re also manufacturer–neutral, equipped with an arsenal of supply resources and they can provide advice and recommendations for your specific requirements.

Buying from a distributor has plenty of advantages and, when it comes to experts who have the knowledge and the experience to guide you through all aspects of your packaging project, a distributor may very well be the one-stop resource you just can’t afford not to use.

Posted by Salesforce
on 03/01/2010
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