Quick Question Monday : What is Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH)?

Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol, or EVOH, is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl alcohol that can be used to give additional oxygen and gas barrier properties to a plastic bottle or jar. It is common in food packaging to help keep the air out and flavors in.

EVOH: Oxygen Barrier of Choice in Food packaging

When it comes to products such as perishable foods, EVOH provides an excellent solution against oxygen penetration. The increased oxygen barrier property helps food items remain fresh and prevent premature decomposition. This type of barrier technology is also used for many medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic packaging applications.

How is EVOH implemented in packaging?

EVOH is often “sandwiched” in between the inner and outer plastic wall of the bottle, jar or tube. A thin layer of adhesive goes between the EVOH layer and the inner and outer wall. As a result EVOH is often referred to as a multilayer barrier technology.

The following is a common EVOH layer configuration:

  • HDPE or PP (outer wall)
  • Adhesive resin (polyamide)
  • EVOH (barrier)
  • Adhesive resin (polyamide)
  • HDPE or PP (inner wall)

EVOH Layers

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