The New Role of the Packaging Distributor
The New Role of the Packaging Distributor

New challenges have expanded our role to meet our customers' needs, and to provide unique and innovative packaging solutions.

As manufacturers and marketers adapt to the ever-changing consumer products landscape, the way in which they interact with and utilize their supply chains continues to evolve as well. The resulting "trickle-down effect" on packaging distributors calls for a timely response to the expanding requirements of their customers and the ability to source and deliver from product concept and design through order and delivery

Along with a full-service solution, it also requires a "can do" attitude that the knowledgeable and supportive package solutions provider infuses into every interaction with every customer, every day. In the ever-changing consumer products landscape, that's what differentiates a good packaging distributor from an exceptional packaging distributor.

On top of that, today's packaging supplier needs to stay ahead of the game when it comes to new trends, the demands of an ever-changing market, and competitive pricing. If you don't, you may just find yourself in the same boat with many other companies who have failed to adapt and evolve to meet the challenges of changing market conditions.

Delivering a full-service solution, demonstrating a consistent "can-do" attitude and developing a keen eye that focuses on emerging trends, products and pricing - these are attributes that apply equally to both a relatively new company in the industry and one that’s been around for a century.

Today's packaging supplier has to look beyond merely filling an order and that requires the ability to understand each individual customer and their needs, anticipate issues and potential problems and provide a full menu of resources and services, which might include:

  • Custom color decorating or labeling services that are available as part of a supplier's total resource solution. Customers today need to have a visually appealing, eye-catching innovative design that gets their product noticed on the shelf and if they can have an award-winning design imprinted on the product when it's delivered to their door, they're bound to remain loyal.
  • Quality assurance procedures that monitor a project from start to finish, ensuring adherence to rigorous quality standards and current best manufacturing practices and guarantee each customer's complete satisfaction.
  • Proactive sourcing that constantly seeks to discover the most cost-effective innovations in materials, shaping and packaging, along with the packaging that ships the packaging, with an emphasis on the ever-expanding "green" movement.
  • Consultative professionals who possess the ideal combination of industry knowledge, leadership and authority to support their customers as advisors and trusted partners, especially as companies with leaner staffs look to their suppliers as adjuncts to their product and marketing managers.
  • Warehousing facilities that offer a customer the ability to split ship orders and store the unshipped portion until the customer needs it. Having adequate warehouse space also provides the advantage of being able to stock items in quantities to meet volume demands in the industry, so that products are always available when needed.
  • Proactive packaging management/oversight that provides ongoing review of open orders and analyzes each customer's usage and ordering history. This helps customers to optimize their ordering patterns and ensures on-going product availability. It's not easy to be all things to all people, but if you want to compete as a packaging distributor in today's market, you have to give it your best effort.

It’s not easy to be all things to all people, but if you want to compete as a packaging distributor in today’s market, you have to give it your best effort.

Posted by Salesforce
on 01/05/2010
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