Stretch Blow Molding For PET Bottles And Jars - Video

Polyethylene terephalate (PET) bottles and jars are created through the manufacturing process called Stretch Blow Molding (SBM). PET plastic is a packaging material that is widely recognized for its safety, product quality and environmental friendliness. Watch the video to discover how common PET bottles and jars are made.

Extensive Comparison Of Single Stage And Two-Stage SBM

Process 3 Stages Within One Machine 3 Stages Across Two Machines
Speed Cycle Times Range From ~ 12 Seconds To 43 Seconds 2-Stage Times Range From ~14 Seconds To 34 Seconds
Colors Great Ability To Color Match
Minimums 10,000 Pieces Minimum 50,000 Pieces Minimum
Tooling Cost with existing preforms $2,500 for unit cavity: $15,000 For Full Production Tool $7,000 for unit cavity: $15,000 For Full Production Tool
PCR Potential 25% And 100% PCR 30% PCR
Orientation Potential Threads On Necks Are Always Oriented Necks Cannot Be Oriented Unless There Is A Notch Put Into The Preform Transfer Bead
Scuff Mark Concern Not A Worry Potential Scuff Marks From Handling Preforms Into RHB Machine
Neck Bead No Concern, Bottles Can Be Produced With No 'Neck Bead" A Neck Bead Is Required To Carry The Bottles Into The RHB Machine

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