Quick Question Monday : What is BPA? Which Resin has BPA?

Remember a few years back, when people were throwing out all of their contaminated plastic products because of something called BPA?

BPA is an industrial chemical that is used to make plastic resins and epoxy resins. It stands for Bisphenol A. Most commonly found in plastic packaging, bottles, and lining of beverage and food cans. It is known as a hormone disruptor that has been linked to many health issues in men, women, and children.

Don’t get scared yet, there is good news! BPA is not found in all plastic, it is only found in plastic packaging that is made from Polycarbonate (PC) resin.

If you are concerned that your plastic bottle may contain BPA, there is an easy way to find out. Manufacturers are now marking the base of the bottle with a Resin Identification Code of 7 and the word OTHER inside the recyclable symbol.

The reality of the situation is that plastic is very prominent in the world today. We do everything from brush our teeth with a plastic toothbrush, to storing food in plastic containers - it’s even in contact lenses. We just can’t get away from it.

But as of late, many companies have provided new formulas that have eliminated BPA from plastic containers. If you want to play it safe, look for containers that have “BPA-free” on the label.

If you have any questions regarding products with BPA, drop us a question below!

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