What Top fits on my Spirit Bottle?

Quick Question Monday: What Top fits on my Spirit Bottle?

What Top fits on my Spirit Bottle?

When choosing the top for your spirit bottle, it is crucial to understand how to pick the perfect closure that will work with your bottle.

If you are unsure how to choose a top to go with your spirits bottles, here is some information to help you make your decision.

Two Main Neck Style

Spirits bottles are mostly made with either a screw top or a bar top. A screw top is similar to many common glass or plastic bottles, where a plastic or metal continuous thread (CT) cap is screwed on.

For a brief video description on what makes up a CT cap, click here. In this quick question article we will focus on the other style - bar tops finishes, which is The second common neck style found in most spirits bottles.

Bar Top - Two Common Neck Sizes

Bar top spirits bottles are generally available with two neck sizes, 18.5 mm and 21.5 mm. While there many other neck sizes available on the market, these two are the most common. These spirits bottles accept cork shank bar tops that are friction fitted onto the neck opening. As a general rule, you want to use a cork that is 1 mm larger to ensure that your top fits tightly.

Many of these bar top corks come with a top component and a bottom component, and the material used between these components can differ.

The top component can be made with plastic, aluminum, wood, or the same finish as the shank. Wood is one of the most popular choices and it is offered in three different finish - stained, varnish, or spray color.

The bottom portion of the top is usually made out of synthetic or natural cork shank; this is the portion of that comes in contact with the product.

Filling And Application

When filling spirits bottles and applying bar top closures to the bottle, make sure you understand the bottle manufacturer's designated fill height and temperature. If you have specific questions about these bar-tops and spirits bottles. Leave us a question below.

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on 02/02/2015
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