What is the Difference Between a Horizontal and Vertical Dropper?

Quick Question Monday : What is the Difference Between a Horizontal and Vertical Dropper?

What is the Difference Between a Horizontal and Vertical Dropper?

What is a Horizontal or Vertical Dropper?

A dropper is an insert for your bottle closure dispensing system, commonly used with small dose items such as essential oils, homeopathic remedies, herbal extracts, and chemical applications.   There are two types of droppers to choose from, horizontal and vertical, which come pre-assembled with a tamper evident closure. They may look similar from the appearance of the cap, but there are significant differences, especially if you take a peak at the inside of the closure. The difference in appearance leads to drastic changes in the actual application of the closure.

What is a Horizontal Dropper?

Horizontal Droppers, or rim droppers are known as a universal dropper and are available with different dosage orifices. This dropper is a great choice for applications where the exactness of the dropping volume may vary slight but is not critical to the dosage. This variance in dosage results from the angle that the bottle is held by the consumer, this could vary from 120 degrees to 150 degrees.

How does it actually work?

When the bottle is turned, the drops of liquid flow over the dropper rim and do not come into contact with the neck of the bottle. This prevents accumulation of liquid on the neck or outside of the bottle. Horizontal droppers are the perfect choice when you want to use the same dropper for different liquid applications.

What is a Vertical Dropper?

Vertical droppers are used when exact dosage is required. When a bottle is held at 180 degrees, or upside down, extremely exact drop volumes are produced with low tolerances. You can easily identify a vertical dropper by the “long” air pipe that is on the side of the component.

How Does This Work?

This low tolerance is due to the air pipe that is connected to the rim, which produces drops that drip centrally out of the drop pipe.   The air pipe is position at the side of the insert. The drop speed and the drop size and/or weight depend on the diameter of the drop and air pipes as well as on the consistency of the fluid. You can easily identify a Vertical Dropper by the ‘long’ air pipe on the side of the component.

While a standard orifice is a proper fit for most uses, a wide range of vertical droppers variants are available in order to meet the dosage requirements.

Horizontal and Vertical Droppers are great for a complete, all in one system for measuring and dispensing. If you have any questions regarding the difference between the two, feel free to ask us below!

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on 06/01/2015
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