What are Graduations and Window Stripes Feature on a Plastic Bottle?

Quick Question Monday: What are Graduations and Window Stripes Feature on a Plastic Bottle?

What are Graduations and Window Stripes Feature on a Plastic Bottle?

Sometimes it is important for the consumer to know how much content is left in the container. This is particularly important for household and industrial chemical products (think motor oil and cleaning products). But how do you display that with a colored bottle?

Window stripes and graduations are two features of a bottle that will help you know the fluid level inside a plastic container and help with dosing.

Window stripes, or translucent view stripes, are commonly found on colored plastic bottles and F-style handled jugs. They offer a way to gauge the level of contents in a bottle with a small vertical stripe of plastic that is left natural, without any colorant, to see the fluid level inside.

Graduation marks are fluid level markings that determine the fluid volume of contents remaining, through mold or silk screening. Not only do they indicate the amount of fluid in the container but the fluid volume as well. It is an indication of how much fluid was dispensed or how much is left. This application is most commonly found in containers for chemical, household chemical, or the automotive industry. Graduation marks can also help dispense precise dosing when required.


Motor Oil Bottles

One prominent example is motor oil. Many motor oil manufacturers use window stripe and graduation features on the side of the bottle to help consumers determine the proper amount of products used in their specific engine, as applications differ from engine to engine.

Glass jar with graduation marks


Graduation marks are also often found in pharmaceutical and healthcare products where precise dosing is required. These graduation marks are essential to the consumers, as it helps determine proper dosing of their product to avoid overdose.

If you have any questions on these features, leave a question below and we'll be able to help.

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on 02/16/2015
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