How do you select the correct dropper tip?

Quick Question Monday – How do you select the correct dropper tip?

How do you select the correct dropper tip?

When selecting a dropper tip for plastic dropper bottle applications, you have two main choices – Extended Dropper Tips and Extended Controlled Dropper Tips. While the two names looks similar, there are scenarios where one is preferred over the other, but how do you determine which is suitable for your application?

Extended Dropper Tips (Uncontrolled)

Extended Dropper Tips are used to dispense the product from the packaging of a molded opening or orifice at the end of the dropper tip in a steady stream. There is no exact dosage that will be delivered when using an extended dropper tip, which is why they are sometimes referred to as uncontrolled dropper tips. Tips come in a wide variety of orifice sizes ranging from 1/64” to 3/32” for bottles with neck diameters of 13, 15mm, 18mm, and 20mm.

Controlled Dropper Tip

Controlled Dropper Tips are intended for exact dosing applications and deliver a “controlled” drop. There are two ways that a controlled tip can be created, it can be created when the opening orifice is being molded as a molded orifice or when the needle pierces the tip of the orifice, also known as a pierced orifice.

Tips are available in both round and square configurations with neck finish sizes in 8mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, and 20mm. Tips with molded orifices are available with opening as small as .008”, while tips with pierced orifices offer openings as small as .018”.

How to Determine Drop Size?

There are two factors that contribute to the drop size of the dropper tip. The first being the external size and shape of the tip surface, where the drop is being formed. The second factor is the coefficient of friction of the product being dispensed. The higher the coefficient, the greater the drop size. For controlled dropper tips, drop sizes are often measured, and specified, in µL.

Orifice Size

The viscosity of the product being dispensed largely determines the orifice size. This also determines the rate at which the drop is formed on the dropper, as well as the ease or difficulty to expel the liquid from the tip.

Dropper tips with pierced orifices tend to be smaller, because they are molded without an orifice and pierced with a needle post-molding to form the orifice. The resulting orifice size tends to be half the diameter of the needle used to pierce the tip.

What do you have?

We carry a wide variety or controlled and uncontrolled dropper tip plugs that pairs with LDPE or HDPE plastic bottles here. If you have a specific question about dropper tips and plugs, feel free to leave it here.

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on 05/18/2015
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