How do you Measure Dip Tube Lengths?

Quick Question Monday: How do you Measure Dip Tube Lengths?

How do you Measure Dip Tube Lengths?

Dip Tube Lengths are an area of packaging that can be wildly confusing. If you need help measuring the length of dip tubes - have no fear, we are here to help!

Most of the pump and sprayer manufacturers produce pumps with one standard dip tube length that is designed to be long so you can trim it to your needs. If you are ordering pumps and sprayers as a special order, most manufacturers’ will cut the dip tube for you, or dip tubes can be cut as a secondary process after they have been produced.

Either way, you still need to determine the proper length of the dip tube in order to have a optimal fit. There are many ways to determine dip tube length, let’s go through one way that we normally use here at O.Berk.

Step By Step

Overall Dip Tube Measurement

Begin the process by measuring the length from the gasket to the notch end of the dip tube, as it is originally produced. The number that you find will give you the overall dip tube length, let’s call this measurement A.


Bottle Overall Height

Next, you will need to measure the bottle your pump/sprayer goes in. You can do this by measuring from the land (the top of the bottle), all the way to the bottom of the container (or simply refer to the technical drawing for exact measurement). Subtract 3/32" (inch) from this measurement to compensate for the push up, and let’s call this measurement B.

Dip Tube Length Cutting

To find out the length of the dip tube that needs to be cut, simply calculate the difference between measurement A and B. This is the excess length of the dip tube you don’t need.

Curving the tube to maximize the dispensing of the product

There are two different ways that the dip tube can lay in the bottle. For most thinner dip tubes found mostly on sprayers, the tube should bend toward the container wall, maximizing the dispensing of the product. For thick dip tubes that most lotion pumps use, the tube can sit in the product with a slight gap from the bottom to give the product room to be dispensed out of the container.

Measuring Dip Tubes - How they should looks in a bottle

There are also different cuts available for different dip tubes, two of the most common cuts are angle cut and V cut. Make sure you consult with the manufacturer for available cutting methods.

vLeave us a questions or comments below about dip tube cutting, we will help answer any questions you may have.

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on 01/26/2015
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