Quick Question Monday : How Will My Plastic Bottle Perform With My Product And On The Shelf?

Product packaging in plastic bottles, jar, and jugs is challenging, especially determining the resin characteristics and compatibility of your product.

Our newly added plastic “tool kit” will help assist you in selecting the correct package for your product. Selected material properties of the plastic bottle, jar, or jug are broken down into seven categories that can be used as a guide during the selection process, from temperature tolerance to scuff resistance, the guide tells you how the package will react.

We also added informational tabs to the product details of the container to describe the size, overflow capacity, neck diameter, neck finish, color, and item weight. When you are choosing your product it is important to understand the components of your package since each have their own specific purpose. That’s why we added these helpful tools to ensure that you choose the right package to fit your packaging needs.

Don’t forget that this key is just a helpful tool to use – since each product is unique, it is still necessary to test your product with the packaging to ensure compatibility.

If you want to learn more about the specifics of a specific plastic resin material, click here to read our latest infographic, Which Plastic is right for me? If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact us below!

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