What is a Bulk Module Pallet?

Quick Question Monday: What is a Bulk Module Pallet?

What is a Bulk Module Pallet?
A Bulk Module Pallet is a packing method, where truckloads of glass are shipped using less packing materials to maximize the quantity of glass being hauled. While stacking cartons in layers on a pallet is a common way to ship glass, this alternate method has become a popular way to transport pallets.

What is a Bulk Module Pack?

Glass manufacturers pack glass via bulk module packing because it reduces weight from reshipper cartons and increases the density of the number of bottles on a truckload. Bulk Module Pack Bulk Module Pallet for Glass Bottles

How is this done?

As the glassware is coming off of the manufacturing line it is inspected, arranged, placed on a plastic sheet, and then shrink-wrapped into individual modules. Multiple modules are then stacked in vertical layers and placed on the pallet, often times with a piece of cardboard to separate layers to prevent damage in transit. After the pallet is stacked, it is wrapped with heat shrink-wrap to ensure that is it safe from breakage, and then it is shipped. Bulk Module Pallet Layout

And you are sure its safe?

Bulk Module Packing is a great packing method to use when shipping glass containers, because it tightly packs together the glass containers in shrink-wrapped modules, so that they do not shift or move during transit. The cardboard separating the layers provide additional shock resistance during transit and the entire pallet is then shrink wrapped again in heavy-duty polyethylene to prevent excessive movement during handling and transport. Microsoft Word - Bulk Module Pallet Layout If you have a question about bulk module pallet, or if you want to find out if you have that option when you order glass bottles and jars, leave it below. For a catalog of all glass bottles and jars that we offer, please click here.
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on 07/27/2015
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