3D Printed Bottle & Closure Prototyping

Using Technology to Shorten Development Time

The latest advancements in prototyping technology and its benefits are within your reach at O.Berk with 3D printing.

This technology allow you to achieve speed to market without deveopment compromises - set the bar and gain the advantage. You're no longer waiting days, but mere hours for your concept to take shape. O.Berk's 3D printing delivers you a first hand experience of your product prior to investing in tooling costs. Focus on ensuring your product is fundamentally sound with your expectations before production begins.

Click on the video above to see prototypes take shape using this technology

Plan on getting your idea off the ground soon and would like assistance going from concept to commercialization? Let our professionals at O.Berk work along side you with our proprietary process : OptiMatch. With OptiMatch we cover product aesthetics, tooling production, all the way to launch!

Click here to find out more about OptiMatch and how we can further assist you with your next project.

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