Plastic Packaging Welcomes New Technology that Makes Viscous Liquids Slide Easily Within the Bottle

Getting that last drop of ketchup at the bottom of the bottle is a constant struggle for many people.

New packaging technology has been introduced that will change how viscous liquids move throughout packaging, eliminating product waste within each package.

The plastic inside the bottle can be permanently wet with new slippery surface technology. There will be a layer of liquid that the product sits on so that those pesky goods such as ketchup, mayo, lotion, and even glue, wont stand a chance of staying in the bottle. It is now a liquid-to- liquid interface, with the coating being uniquely designed for each product.

This technology could potentially change packaging design for many products. Products such as peanut butter, that normally wouldn’t work in squeeze bottles, now may be able to be used in these packaging applications. Transparent bottles, which were once not used because consumers would see how much product waste there was, now may be able to be used because of the reduction in waste.

You can expect to see this packaging application on the shelves in 2015!  Click below to see a video of how the application works.

Peanut Butter Squeeze Bottle w/ LiquiGlide Coating from LiquiGlide on Vimeo.


Original article posted on Plastics Today.


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