Bottle Shape Profile : Pill Pack Wide Mouth Round Bottle

The Wide Mouth Round Packer, or “pill packer” is commonly made of glass or plastic materials (PET, HDPE, PP), and has a relatively square base with rounded shoulders and have a wide mouth design for packing solid or powder products. It is most commonly used for pills and pharmaceutical products, hence the "pill packer" nickname. The wide-mouth rounded shoulder design maximizes internal space applications such as pill, health supplements, capsules, and more.

Standard capacity of these wide mouth round pill packers are usually listed in cc, or ml. It is common the be paired with metal or plastic continuous thread (CT) screw caps with induction liner for consumer protection. It also has a straight, flat side design for easy label or silk screen decoration.

To view a list of possible glass wide mouth packer (common in amber color) : please click here.

To view a list of plastic wide mouth packer : please click here.

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