Packaging Trends for 2015

It’s a New Year! What’s more exciting than another year of innovation to drive the market? Here are some packaging and packaging design trends to watch out for.

  Another Year, a Different Recyclable Every year focusing on recycling is at the forefront and this year is no different. Recycling is continuing to be a growing topic in 2015, with more consumers being aware of the environmental issues associated with packaging. If bio-plastics and other new technology is out of your reach, look for existing technologies such as plastic bottles with PCR (post consumer resins) or glass. 100% PCR PET Bottles (Picture by Amcor Rigid Plastics) Packaging is Going on a Diet 2015 is the year that packaging companies set their goals to reduce packaging at the source. It’s all about convenience - smaller packaging that uses fewer materials, is lighter, and easily disposable is what consumers are looking for. Dropping bottle gram weight, reducing secondary packaging are some of easiest way to reduce packaging components. However, make sure you perform compatibility test to avoid issues such as paneling. Click here to go to our article about bottle paneling.   Hand drawn packaging designs Hand draw designs and logos for product labels are on the rise. This gives the package a sense of charm and personalization for the customer. Hyperfunctionality in packaging is also becoming more popular - the package may look simple but it can actually offer numerous functions. For example, a to-go food container allows a customer to transport the food and also can transform into a recyclable plate. Hand Drawn Package Designs If you want to learn more about the packaging design trends for 2015 click here.  

Do you agree to these trends? What other trends have you observed when it comes to rigid packaging? Let us know via the comments below. As always, thanks for visiting.


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on Thu, January 15, 2015

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