Sleeve Labeling Guide

Sleeve labeling permits large labels of multiple colors and quality printing to be applied by hand or mechanically. Polyethylene sleeves are decorated with printed copy and slipped on the container. By using this technique, plain containers can be inventoried and the appropriate sleeve applied. These sleeves are particularly appealing in the case of a consumer packaging product in large containers which would pose inventory problems.

Many of the manufacturers O.BERK represents can apply sleeve labels. If it is convenient to have pre-labeled containers supplied, O. BERK will arrange to have the appropriate different label designs inventoried. When a release is made, the customer can specify the label mix to be shipped.

It's possible, if the container does not have a label recess, to provide a sleeve label with heat activated glue. The labeled container is subjected to heat which causes the glue to permanently affix the sleeve to the container. The drying oven used with silk screen printing is one good method of accomplishing this. Heat activated glue overcomes the objection of using sleeves on containers for hazardous materials. This labeling technique can be easily done in-house. The labels stretch to fit onto the container and require minor equipment.

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