The Process Of Hot Die Stamping Guide

This is a process where a solid area of pigment is applied to a roll of polyester film. This roll is then inserted between an etched copper plate bearing the copy and the surface to be decorated.

Tips for Better Hot Stamp Art

  • Place extra letter space between characters on all hot stamp copy or the copy will not be readable when stamped.
  • Set copy in small point sizes in all upper case letters.
  • Use clear, sharp type that does not contain broken or fuzzy characters.
  • Keep designs and logos big and open. Hot stamp has a tendency to spread, and cause fill-in of intricate and detailed designs.
  • Use punctuation that is slightly bolder than the letters and numerals.
  • Avoid hot stamping large solids.
  • Limit hot stamp designs to 90 degrees of the circumference on a cylinder bottle.

Many packagers of cosmetics or similar products will combine hot die stamping with silk screen printing to produce dramatic effects.

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