Pressure Sensitive Labeling Guide

Depending on container size, if the total volume is low, pressure sensitive labels may be the best choice. These labels can be made economically for such an application and yet the graphics can be quite extraordinary. Pressure sensitive labels are provided with an adhesive on the label. The end user either mechanically or by hand peels the backing material from the label exposing the adhesive. The label is then pressed onto the container and labeling is completed. Usually the label itself is heavier in weight than conventional paper labels.

Many packagers desiring foil labels will utilize pressure sensitive labels. Compared to other paper label systems pressure sensitive labels may be more costly. But the convenience, flexibility or rich appearance of a pressure sensitive label are principal reasons for their widespread use.

A newer type label has recently been developed. It is a transparent decal-like label that, when applied to a container, gives it the appearance of print being applied directly to the container yet has the advantage of being applied in a similar fashion to a glue type paper label.

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