Dispensing and Applicator Caps

The diversified selection of dispensing closures offer great opportunities for convenience and function. They range from dispensers which provide for a stream, ribbon, drop or spray application of a product to shaker fitments for sprinkling dry products.

Besides covering a broad range of products from glue to spices, there are many specialized situations which can be met by the use of a dispensing closure such as in one handed applications or in dispensing controlled amounts of a product.

The convenient use of a product in its most effective form of application can be the key to market acceptance. For this reason, functional closures should be given careful consideration for inclusion as part of any package. Since many variables affect the compatibility and success of any given combination of product and closure, testing is a crucial step. Many dispensers involve moving, or mating parts as well as critical orifices so one consideration should be simulating conditions in which the product will be used and also accelerated testing for estimated shelf life.

This information can narrow the selection process.


Posted by Jonathan
on Thu, January 1, 2009

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