Applied Ceramic Labeling (ACL) Guide

Applied ceramic labeling (ACL) is the application of ceramic inks to a glass container by the previously mentioned Screen Printing method. Ceramic inks contain glass, enabling permanent fusion to the glass container when subjected to intense heat. The printed container is passed through a lehr (conveyer oven) where the ceramic ink is permanently fused onto the glass container surface. Precious metals, such as gold, can be used for decorating. Applied ceramic labeling will provide copy that will resist scratching or chipping, and provide good chemical resistance.

In addition to screening copy on a glass container, there is also ceramic spraying. This process is a method to color clear glass containers, after they have been produced. Ceramic spray colors are generally opaque and somewhat limited in shade selection. Since the process is ceramic, the container travels through a lehr where the color becomes permanent.

Your O.BERK sales representative can help you develop a suitable ceramic decorated container for your needs.

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