O.Berk Company Wins NACD Bernard M. Seid Best of Show Award

Seacrets Distilling Company’s Spiced Flavored Rum is a member of an entire family of distilled products, each with its own distinctive taste. What Seacrets wanted was a way to set their spirited and tasty product apart from the ordinary by producing the imagery of a keepsake item from their pirate bar distillery.

A unique effort from O.Berk produced exactly what Seacrets Distilling was looking for. Once the packaging design was conquered in 2-D on paper, O.Berk stepped up to create the potential pirate bar keepsake with twenty-first century technology. They provided true-to-life 3-D printed models to enable the client to see and feel the packaging design. This means they could test reaction to the design before committing to production. When the client was satisfied, Seacrets confidently approved the tooling necessary to go into production.

The unique keepsake bottle features the Seacrets embossed logo overprinted with screen printing and then SKU customized with a digital label application to reflect each of the 10 flavors in the product line. The copper colored metal medallion of the Seacrets pirate ship applied to the curved shoulder of the bottle lends a distinctive and recognizable air to the package. Just in Time fulfillment ensures that the bottles are labeled with individual SKU information in advance, keeping pace with the distillery’s production schedule. A custom box featuring coordinating graphics is also supplied for single bottle servings as a gift carton for customer sales in their distillery.

Seacrest Spice Flavored RumsWinner of the 2017 NACD Best of Show AwardSeacrestDistilling CompanyWinner

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