Quick Question Monday: How Aluminum Tubes are Made

Aluminum tubes are one of the popular packaging options for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care products. You see them in many retail outlets and probably don’t think twice about them, but did you know that package all started with a circular aluminum disc? How do tube manufacturers turn a flat disc into a useful aluminum tubes for packaging your everyday items?

Below is a “How’s it Made” video all about aluminum tubes. The video shows details of each manufacturing step and gives you an idea on how aluminum tubes are produced. It even discusses decorating operations to show you how graphics are applied during the production process.

Some fun facts about aluminum tube manufacturing:

  • Everything starts with a circular disc (a slug) the size of a coin
  • The process that stretches the aluminum into the tube shape is called “impact extrusion”
  • The products are filled from the top, open end of the tube, rather than the neck where the cap be applied
  • Protective barriers are sprayed onto the interior of the tube to isolate the aluminum from directly contacting the product that is being filled
  • The exterior paint and decorating print remains visible and doesn’t crack because the paint is flexible
  • The top end of the tubes are sprayed with adhesive materials to help seal the contents in the tube during the filling process

Watch The Video Here

Hope you enjoy the video, if you have any questions about aluminum tubes; feel free to leave a comment below.

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