From Grit to Glass - How Glass Bottles Are Made
From Grit to Glass - How Glass Bottles Are Made

From humble beginnings as ingredients literally beneath our a homogenous wonder born of fire and held in the highest regards as an eco-conscious and product friendly material - glass. Watch how this amorphous solid comes to life in our short, informative video From Grit To Glass: How Glass Bottles Are Made.

We've condensed the process of gathering, mixing, melting and forming into two minutes that give you a rare look into how glass is made for the food, beverage and laboratory applications. Here's a sneak peak.

Sand, Cullet, Soda Ash and Limestone are the key ingredients to making glass. They are fed into a Furnace Feed Hopper for precise measuring and mixing of the Batch. This Batch mixture is carefully fed into the Glass Furnace which melts it at over 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. The melted mixture is then cooled ever so slightly and assumes the consistency of Honey! Molten glass is pushed through a Feeder that cuts precise Gobs which are then fed into a Forming Machine. The Gobs are guided into bottle moulds where they are formed. Once out of the Mould, the nearly finished containers are transferred to an Annealing Lehr (pronounced "leer") which reheats them to over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit and then gradually cools them to around 400 degrees to reduce stresses that could cause cracking or shattering. Finally, a Cold End Coater applies a clear exterior coating to prevent abrasions that could be caused by rubbing against other bottles during the Packaging and Shipping Process.

For an infographic on the glass manufacturing process, click here: Infographic - From Grit to Glass, How Are Glass Bottles Made.

For a list of glass bottles available from O.Berk, click here.

Posted by Edward
on 06/27/2017
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