Video: How Does Fluorination Affect Plastics in Commercial and Industrial Applications?

Industries ranging from automotive to pharmaceutical rely on plastic parts to consistently perform at optimum levels. This reliance on high-level performance sometimes requires more of plastics than what the innate properties of a resin can offer. One solution to improving the quality and performance of a finished part is a process called Fluorination.

What is Fluorination? Fluorination is a barrier created between the wall of a plastic component and the environment. Flourination can greatly enhance a container’s barrier properties to include prevention of product loss by evaporation, permeation of liquid through container walls, and maintaining the form integrity of a plastic container by preventing paneling. For certain plastics that have difficulty with label adhesives and decorating; fluorination activates the surface of a plastic part, providing improved adhesion and print application. Fluorination can be applied to the exterior and interior walls of a plastic package and still maintain 100% recyclability.

To help further understand the capabilities and benefits of fluorination in commercial and industrial applications we’re proud to provide you with a video from our partners from INHANCE Technologies.

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