VIDEO: Why Did My Containers Arrive Deformed?

In this short video, we demonstrate how heat from direct sunlight can damage a plastic Bottle or Jar.

In just under fifty minutes, exposed to 91° heat and direct sunlight, drastic changes can occur to a PET peanut butter jar. As you'll see, the deformation isn't a result of the temperature alone - it's in combination with direct sunlight that the damage occurs. We don't expect that anyone is storing their packaging components outside, but this video demonstrates the damage that can occur even during short periods - like during trans-loading of pallets from trailer to warehouse. If you're air shipping components, pallets sitting on the tarmac for prolonged periods can also create a challenging environment.

The heat damage would rarely affect an entire pallet of components. Typically, you may find a few shrunken or deformed bottles toward the outer edges of the pallet where sunlight exposure is most significant. In this scenario, this is rarely a production-quality issue - and more likely - a result of heat damage.

While heat damage is rare, the effect to ISBM (Injection Stretch Blow Moulded) PET is unique in that the components want to return to their original injection molded / preform shape.

The potential for this occurrence is rare, and usually occurs in air-freight shipments, but in the event this does arise, O.Berk has a QA Team and Account Executives to provide you with an expedited solution. If you have an issue, contact us today to fast track your quality case - how can we help?

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