Bottle Shape Profile : Tighthead Plastic Drums

When it comes to transport of hazardous materials or other chemicals in bulk, everyone turns to the DOT or UN regulations to ensure chemical liquids are being transported safely. Chemical plants and labs generally uses steel or plastic drums with open or tight / close head for the job. They are safe, secure, and tested by stringent regulations and processes to ensure safely. Let's take a look at tighthead plastic drums today.

The term "tighthead" generally refers to the opening at the top of the drum where a cap can be permanently secured to the drum itself. Tighthead can sometimes be referred to as "closed head" as well. Generally speaking, these drums are designed specifically to be used with caps that, together, are tested in pressured environment to ensure liquid content are sealed securely within that drum. These designations are generally referred to as the UN Packaging destination and more information can be found here.

Generally speaking these drums are made of thick HDPE plastic with good chemical resistance and paired with either HDPE or PP plastic caps. They are strong and durable with structural designs that can withstand a reasonable impact and avoid leakage. A catalog of these tighthead plastic drums can be found here. Note most of these tighthead drums are measured in liter or gallon capacity, and buying and selling of these drums require both party to acknowledge the associated UN test reports.

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