Bottle Shape Profile : Straight Sided Jars

Straight Sided Jars are one of the most common jars that are being sold today. Bath salts, sugar scrubs, high end crèmes, and products with essential oils are all great applications for this jar. The straight-sided walls of this jar are perfect platforms for labels or silk-screen printing. The interesting part about the straight sided jar is the glass itself, it is ideal for oils and corrosive elements that typically would not sit well in plastic containers

Straight sided jars in this particular design is often made of PP plastic, with other plastic resin like PS, SAN possible. This type of jar consists of one layer of plastic resin. Popular in a low-profile and wide mouth design.

To see a list of common straight sided plastic jars from our catalog, please click here.


Posted by Jonathan
on Fri, October 2, 2015

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