Bottle Shape Profile : Oval Bottles

Oval Bottles stray a little bit away from the standard round bottle. The oval bottle has an elliptic shaped base, within the oval bottle family there are a number of unique shapes ranging from hip-flask to taper. The hip-flask offers straight sides, while the other oval bottle options taper at the top around the neck.

You can commonly find oval bottles made of PET and HDPE plastic and is ideal application for personal care, household chemical, and sometimes liquid pharmaceutical products. It offers a wide label application area with a slightly curved surface. This shape feature also offers better grip and an enhanced shelf presence.

Oval shaped bottles are also popular with glass bottles made for spirit beverage items.

To see a catalog of oval shaped plastic bottles, please click here.

To see a catalog of oval shaped glass bottles, please click here.


Posted by Jonathan
on Fri, October 30, 2015

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