Bottle Shape Profile : Mayo Jars and Economy Jars

The mayo jar is an extremely popular container for mayonnaise, nut butters, and jam because of its standard size, wide mouth jar opening. The body features a slight slanted shoulder for mayo round and round shoulder for the economy round. Both have a straight sided panel area for easy labeling and silk screening deco applications.

The glass economy jar is typically paired with the gold metal caps that feature a tamper evident button, which pops up after the vacuum seal is broken. The vacuum seal is created as the container and product are heated and the liner softens. Once the product cools, the liner solidifies and creates an airtight seal within the container

Mayo round and economy round are commonly made with glass but can also come in PET and HDPE plastic. Mayo round also commonly feature a tall neck finish called 450, 470, or G, for a taller cap profile that provides a better gripping surface on the closure.

For a list of mayo round and economy round glass and plastic jars, click here.

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